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The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is hosting the 2022 IISE Western Regional Conference February 25 – 26, 2022.

COVID-19 Update

With the rise of COVID-19 and the switch of many schools from in person to virtual for the first few weeks of their quarters or semesters, the Berkeley Western Regional Conference team made the difficult decision of switching our in person conference to a virtual format, as it’s extremely hard for us to predict what the COVID situation will look like in February and we’d like to keep the safety of all of our participants in mind.

With that in mind, we’re still excited to present you all with the opportunity to engage in a weekend full of events and activities where you’ll be able to network, delve deeper into the Industrial Engineering Industry, and compete in our Technical Paper Competition.

The 2022 IISE Western Regional Conference will be hosted by UC Berkeley and held virtually from February 25-26, 2022 (please note that we’ve shortened the conference from 3 to 2 days). Though we were looking forward to getting the chance to see you all in person, we hope that the switch to a virtual conference will present everyone with the opportunity to engage with other Industrial Engineers, regardless of where you may be in the world.

The fee for the virtual Conference is now $5. If you’ve already purchased tickets at the fee charged for an in person conference, we will work towards issuing you a refund in the upcoming days. If you're still interested in attending the Conference virtually, please repurchase another ticket through our Eventbrite so you can receive the appropriate Zoom links and any gifts we send out. Please reach out to us if any issues or concerns arise regarding this.

Our Conference Website, Facebook Page, and Eventbrite will continue to be updated in the upcoming days as the team works towards finalizing the abrupt shift from an in person conference to a virtual conference. Please continue to check back for any updates.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Conference Coordinators, Sam and Ally, at the contact info below. We’re looking forward to seeing you all virtually in February!

What is the IISE Regional Conference?

This conference is a unique opportunity for students and professionals in the field of Industrial Engineering to network, explore industry trends, and compete for a chance to present their work at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2022 in Seattle, Washington.

The conference will be held through Zoom and includes the technical paper competition, keynote speakers, expert panels, plant tours, and other activities.

UC Berkeley, the flagship campus of the University of California system, overlooks the San Francisco Bay area and is an internationally renowned public research and teaching university. Berkeley is home to some of the world’s greatest minds leading more than 130 academic departments, 80 interdisciplinary research units, and addressing the world’s most pertinent challenges while sitting in the East Bay region with easy access to both San Francisco and Silicon Valley as well as acclaimed restaurants, arts, culture, and shops.

How to Register

Conference Agenda

Friday, February 25, 2022

5:00 PM Day 1 Welcome

5:15 PM Welcome Speaker

5:30 PM School Introductions

6:00 PM Dinner Break

6:45 PM Young Professionals Panel

7:45 PM Day 1 Closing

8:00 PM President's Meeting

Saturday, February 26, 2022

9:30 AM Day 2 Welcome

10:00 AM Technical Paper Competition

12:00 PM Lunch Break

12:30 PM Industry Panel

2:00 PM Fireside Chat w/ Carolyn Yee

3:00 PM School Social

4:00 PM Conference Closing

*Schedules subject to change

day 1 schedule
day 2 schedule

industry panel 1
industry panel 2

Technical Paper Competition

2022 IISE Western Regional Conference Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition

The purpose of the competition is to encourage undergraduate students to write and present outstanding technical papers. Every principal author must make an oral presentation at their respective University Region Conference. The first place winner will represent the region competing in the Undergraduate Technical Paper Competition Global Finals at the 2022 IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Seattle, Washington


Judging Criteria

  • Depth, significance and originality of subject matter
  • Excellence of written presentation
  • Excellence of oral presentation


The judging is based on 75 percent the written paper and 25 percent oral presentation.



  • Students must be an undergraduate student when the nominated paper is
  • Each student chapter, including the host institution, can submit up to two papers for the competition
  • Paper can be projects done for a company as part of a course, internship, or other. They may be undergraduate research projects done at the home institution.
  • Multi-authored papers are permitted, provided the names of all authors are on the paper
  • A faculty member may serve as an advisor on a project, but the work should primarily be done by the students
  • A faculty member cannot be a co-author of the paper
  • The faculty advisor, or department head, of the participating school must certify that the paper is an undergraduate work and that the student is a member of IISE. This should be stated on the first page of his or her letter to the president of the host chapter.
  • Send the entry form and the submission to with “IISE WRC Submission” in the subject line.
  • Prizes are $300, $150, and $50 for the First, Second, and Third place winners


See for more information on rules and formatting


Deadline for Submissions: February 11, 2022

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For any questions, please reach out to Co-Coordinators Sam Tito and Ally Novales at